Intech Engineers

Liquid Filters

We are the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Liquid Filters that is used to remove particles in the refinery of petroleum derivatives, coolants, bulk chemicals, cleaning fluids, cutting oil, waxes, varnishes, paints, lacquers, printing inks, pigments, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, plasticizers, beverages, semiconductors, cosmetics, etc. These Machines are highly demanded in various industries because of their robust performance. We do complete performance measure of these Liquid Filters before delivering these to our valuable clients.

Salient features are as follows
  • Used to remove bacteria from certain liquids to prevent spoiling and to remove harmful particles so that the liquid may be recycled and reused
  • Used to removing corrosive materials that induce erosion
  • Industries that use liquid filtration include textile mills, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronic components, tool manufacturers, ship builders, pulp and paper mills, foundries, air conditioning and oil and gas wells
  • Liquid filters and industrial filter manufacturers including fuel filters, water filter systems, reverse osmosis water filters, carbon filter and wet/dry filters, and industrial water filters.